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Valuation Process Administration

We’ve created, and refined, the commercial Valuation Process Administration (VPA) business as it appears today. Our VPA service is extensive, beginning initially with advising the client in developing a robust valuation process based on industry best practices, then administering the actual valuation process (assisting in selecting and engaging third-party appraisers, coordinating information flow, reviewing appraisals, and providing valuation data reporting).

We have developed proprietary technology applications that streamline the VPA process, while also providing value-add output:


  • A web-based, security-enabled work-flow and document-management application that streamlines the entire appraisal process


  • A business intelligence tool that enables our clients to access over 200 data fields on their property valuations over time
  • Clients are also able to benchmark over 25 valuation data fields to the other 4,000+ properties in our database on a non-attribution basis 

While most of our existing VPA work involves quarterly appraisal processes, we also administer several daily valuation funds. Altus Group is an industry leader in this emerging field, as more funds require daily valuation in response to the shift from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution retirement plans (reference brochure links at top right). 

We also have proprietary technology (DataEvent) to administer the daily process.

There are no other service providers that compare to either Altus Group’s 18+ years of experience, or our existing client roster, which includes:

  • over 25 institutional clients
  • over 50 funds
  • over 85% of the ODCE index (by gross asset value)
  • over 4,000 properties
  • over $150 billion in gross asset value