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Transaction/Sales Use Tax

Vigilance, diligence, prudence – these characteristics represent the standard of care each State expects when fulfilling transaction tax compliance and reporting responsibilities.  Does your business receive this same standard of care to help minimize sales & use tax exposure, reduce administrative burden, and recover transaction tax over-payments? Sales taxes, professional & occupational taxes, and local taxes play a role in profitability. 


It may seem overwhelming to efficiently and effectively protect the bottom line with 9,600 taxing jurisdictions across the country, constantly changing tax rates, and uncertainty surrounding the national debate on nexus.  Altus Group’s seasoned transaction tax experts work as an extension of your existing team to provide sound advice regarding taxability decisions, mitigating tax controversy concerning:

  • Sales & use taxes
  • Business, professional, & occupational taxes
  • City taxes and levies
  • County taxes and levies

Our comprehensive solutions consistently exceed client expectations by uncovering past savings opportunities and preserving future profits – and producing a lasting return on investment.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Audit Defense and Appeals
  • Tax Recovery Projects (Reverse Audits)
  • Nexus Surveys
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
  • Taxability Matrices
  • Transactional Planning
  • Buy-side Due Diligence
  • Tax Technology Implementation
  • Direct Pay Permit/Effective Rate Agreements

Our proactive, results-driven approach, as well as our deep understanding of the unique issues our clients face, forms the basis of a long-standing and trusting relationship with our clients.  The Altus Group Transaction Tax Team has the depth and breadth of experience and delivers the standard of care necessary to safeguard your dollars and aid in your success.