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Personal Property Tax

Altus Group’s personal property tax professionals ensure that your tax obligations are accurate and that you are aware of – and take advantage of – all relevant tax saving opportunities. We partner with our clients to augment their in-house tax expertise or to manage the compliance function, adding significant value by bringing extensive expertise and resources to bear. We understand that each business, industry and taxing jurisdiction is unique. Therefore, success requires an in depth understanding of the property and the tax environment.

We leverage the strong, productive relationships we have with assessing authorities and economic development officials to achieve the best results for our clients. With Altus Group, you are working with a trusted, knowledgeable advisor that goes beyond the basics of compliance and appeals, taking a strategic and comprehensive approach to your specific needs and objectives. By taking proactive measures in strategic compliance and assessor negotiations, we achieve results that will provide significant tax savings to your organization for years to come.


Our dedicated team of personal property tax experts can help you manage any combination of compliance-related functions and identify and manage tax reduction strategies, including:

  • Researching and effectively implementing the most advantageous reporting positions
  • Preparing and managing successful valuation appeals and refund claims
  • Streamlining information gathering and documentation to minimize the burden on company resources
  • Conducting fixed asset reviews for classification, existence and valuation analysis
  • Investigating assessment discrepancies and negotiating reductions with assessment and taxing officials
  • Assisting with audit preparation, supporting technical documentation and procedural guidance
  • Identifying and securing property tax exemptions and abatements
  • Compiling data and performing analysis to facilitate timely and effective management reporting, including budget preparation and reconciliation
  • Providing and assisting with execution of process improvement recommendations