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Location & Incentive Strategies

Successful navigation through today’s complex business environment requires companies to be flexible.  It also requires them to constantly update their business strategies in order to reach maximum profitability.  Business strategy decisions, such as acquisitions, consolidations, expansions, and relocation plans are triggers that typically involve a re-evaluation of existing facility locations and where assets are located. 

In making these decisions, companies should pay careful consideration to factors such as:

  • How many facilities should you operate?
  • What are the optimal locations for these facilities?
  • Do these optimal locations best support the business and its initiatives and strategies?
  • Should you own or lease the real estate?
  • Within the existing network, which locations should receive additional capital expenditures, which should not?
  • Which facilities should be closed?
  • Where should jobs be added, retained or cut?
  • What value do you require to meet your business goals and how can your facility network generate this value?
  • What public and private incentives packages are possible to negotiate?

Consideration of these critical factors requires valid data, analysis and expertise in order to get to the right answers for your business and to most effectively support your business goals.  At Altus Group, our Location & Incentive Strategies (LIS) team has the experience and expertise to navigate complex business environments including gathering and validating the data, conducting the analyses and getting the value required to support the complex labyrinth of business strategy, initiatives and goals.


Altus Group professionals use our extensive geographic knowledge of regional characteristics, community conditions, and site-related factors to assess your current location and potential locations that could enhance your business operations.  We assist with determining what critical location factors are necessary for optimization of your locations. From this analysis, we can help you determine if your current network alignment is ideal or if changes to the network would result in optimization of your assets.


Our time-tested site selection process allows you to utilize our expertise while preserving anonymity to evaluate potential locations for your operations.  Our team performs intensive due diligence reviewing states, regions, and communities.  As part of our site selection work we conduct community evaluation, cost to do business analysis, labor appropriateness, and real estate identification.  We also begin to lay the ground work for in-depth incentive negotiations.


Our professionals consider the true value of federal, state, and local tax credit and incentives.  Specifically, how will these reduce costs and maximize return on investment?   We analyze, negotiate, secure, collect, and deliver the most comprehensive economic development incentives based on our clients’ business operations and economic needs.


Our team helps you to navigate through the processes of capturing the value of the negotiated incentives.  We work with you to secure, collect, and deliver the EDIs within the agreed-upon timeframes for full utilization.

At Altus Group, we have developed proven methodologies for:

  • location analysis;
  • site selection;
  • the identification of economic development incentives and funding sources;
  • development of negotiation strategy;
  • project positioning;
  • concurrent and multi‐level negotiations;
  • strategic documentation of economic development incentive commitments; and
  • the effective implementation and collection of committed economic development incentives.

Our Altus Group professionals negotiate a variety of incentives with the economic development authorities and other public and private sector stakeholders and secure written, binding commitments.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our LIS team has experience in all 50 states. We are well-versed in national, state and local incentives. We have successfully aided all types of industry, including manufacturing, health care, headquarters and regional offices, warehousing and distribution and data centers.