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Commercial Investment Sales Data

With Altus Data Solutions, leverage more than $350 billion in total volume and more than 80,000 commercial transactions in the Greater Toronto, Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe, Greater Calgary, Greater Edmonton and Greater Vancouver markets. 

Our Clients: 

  • Builders & Developers
  • Asset Managers
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Lenders & Investors
  • Government 
  • Consultants

Our Clients rely on our Data:

  • To manage risk
  • To identify opportunities
  • For business development
  • To support negotiation
  • To understand market trends
  • In policy development and in planning decisions

Market Coverage

Sector Coverage

We also have deep coverage within a variety of sectors, including; 

Commercial Invest Sales Transaction Data Includes: 

  • Timely delivery of sales transactions
  • Comprehensive analysis of transactions
  • Historical records dating back to 1995
  • Linked previous sales and relevant transactions
  • Research analyst remarks and complete narrative on sale
  • Interactive maps showing context

Access our RealNet Platform

Through our RealNet platform leverage more than $350 billion in total volume and more than 80,000 commercial transactions.

Value Added Reports and Custom Reports

Trends and insights direct from Altus Data Solutions, the trusted and independent source of Canadian property information. Prepared on a quarterly basis by market and sector for the commercial property market our reports and analyses provide clarity, perspective and context for making better strategic decisions. 

We can also prepare custom commercial investment reports based on your unique needs. 

For more information about our commercial investment sales data solutions and how we can empower you to make smarter real estate decisions, please get in touch. 


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