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ARGUS Enterprise

ARGUS Enterprise is the world's most comprehensive asset and portfolio management platform. Maximize the performance and profitability of your single property or entire portfolio using leading investment tools that will help you gain visibility, expertly manage your risk and maximize returns.

Key Benefits

Portfolio and Asset Transparency

ARGUS Enterprise provides the transparency and efficiency needed to quickly assess values and identify risks. Users can test and adjust strategies to make smart, sound data-driven business decisions.

Global Valuations with Local Standards

Connect your global teams with unique regional standards onto a single, integrated solution using local methodologies for valuations.

Better Budgeting and Strategic Planning

ARGUS Enterprise allows you to create budgets faster and more accurately. Users are connected with real time information, enabling your team to focus on the strategies that optimize your properties.

Increase Compliance,  Reduce Errors

ARGUS Enterprise’s proven, market‐tested standards are audit-ready and proven to drastically boost compliance in today’s strict regulatory environment.

Converge Industry Standards

Natively integrate existing ARGUS data from both ARGUS Valuation Capitalization (CVL files) and ARGUS DCF (SF files) and easily upgrade from existing ARGUS solutions.

Enterprise Scalability

The ARGUS Enterprise platform scales along with your organization to handle anything from single asset valuation to complex sensitivity analysis across even the largest global portfolios.

Core Features

Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Budgeting, Forecasting and Performance Management.
  • Create budgets faster and more accurately with an optimized user experience including saved custom views, enhanced integration and advanced security.

Valuations and Cash Flow Analysis

  • Cash Flow Projections, Valuations and Investment Analysis, Portfolio and Asset Valuations.
  • Handles multiple currencies, area measures and lease structures, supporting both Discounted Cash Flow and Traditional Valuation methods.

Asset and Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio Rollup, Portfolio Reporting, Custom Reporting, Sensitivity Analysis, Portfolio Scenario Analysis, Portfolio dashboards, Batch Updating of property assumption.
  • ARGUS Enterprise provides the transparency and efficiency necessary to quickly assess values and identify risks. Users can test and adjust strategies to help make sound data-driven business decisions.

Investment and Risk Analysis

  • Fund Structuring, Investment Forecasting and Analysis, Portfolio Scenario Analysis.

Bespoke Reporting and Analysis

  • Custom Business Process Forms and Reporting.